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Whether you’re making cocktails at home, ordering drinks at a bar, or browsing shelves at the liquor store, we’ll teach you everything you'll need to know about the drinks you love. We’ve curated the most essential cocktail recipes and bottles so you can learn more about your favorite drinks, and maybe even discover a few new ones. 



From the classics to new variations, our app is the definitive resource for cocktail recipes, each selected and tested  by Maxwell Britten, our in-house industry expert.



Because cocktails can only be as good as their ingredients, we offer suggestions for the best bottle to use in each recipe, including tasting notes and a snippet of its history.



Discover helpful insights about bar tools, garnishes, and specialty ingredients right from the recipe, so that you can make drinks like a professional.


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Every bottle has a story. This is where we tell them.


Whole histories and cultures have been distilled, bottled up, placed on shelves, and shared among friends. These stories are our passion. That's why we created the Liquor Cabinet: to bring these stories together in one digital space, and build a resource for everything related to spirits and the art of cocktails.