Our Bar Orders: Spring 2018


Our Bar Orders

Spring 2018


Some spirits enjoy seasonal turns while others are steady mainstays in a well-versed drinker’s arsenal. Whether it’s a craft cocktail from a neighborhood bar, a homemade concoction evocative of a certain season, or a new discovery in a faraway land, we at the Liquor Cabinet like to catalogue all that we drink. Here we document what we’re currently enjoying, and why.


PATRICK - Junglebird

rum, campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup

When the gray months of winter have overstayed their welcome (as happens every year in NYC), I am likely to cheer myself up with a fancy tiki number. My favorite is the Junglebird. What would otherwise be a typical, exotic rum cocktail, the classic Junglebird has a nutty, bitter edge thanks to a shot of Campari.    


PETER - Bee's Knees

gin, lemon juice, honey syrup

I prefer boozy, sweet, or creamy drinks during the cold winter months and effervescent, crisp, and refreshing drinks during the summer. With its combination of honey, gin, and citrus, the Bee’s Knees hits a sweet middle ground between the two.

_0007_Sean_pisco Sour.jpg

SEAN - Pisco Sour

pisco, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white 

This time of year raises your spring-has-arrived hopes even though snow is inevitably around the corner. Denver’s 70-degree sunny days in March urge a drink with an earthy flavor and a bright aroma as if we are about to resurrect from the dull of winter into the enthusiastic aura of spring. Whether it is a dream or an omen, Pisco Sours offer the most satisfying optimism to anyone who chooses to take a sip.


MAXWELL - Pineapple Daiquiri with a lime twist

rhum jm, lime juice, pineapple juice, sugar

I love rum. Daiquiris I could drink anytime, but I like a little pineapple to cheers to the spring.

_0008_Amy_Ramos Fizz.jpg

AMY - Ramos Gin Fizz

gin, heavy cream, lime juice, lemon juice, orange flower water, egg white, soda

This drink is a pain in the ass to make, simply because it needs to be shaken for an incredibly long time, but the payoff is incredible. It’s creamy, tangy, and sparkly, reminiscent of a lime sherbet push-up pop, which was always something I would look forward to in the springtime of my childhood. Order it out OR be brave and attempt to achieve that glorious foam tower in the comfort of your own home.


NIREE - Rose C'est La Vie

gin, rose syrup, lemon, cucumber garnished with a rose petal

Fig 19, a Chinatown speakeasy located behind a blank art gallery wall, is an elegant drinks-only outpost by Kristin Vincent of Sel Rrose and Home Sweet Home. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of the cocktails on the stellar menu, this particular gin concoction (created by the man behind the bar, Jason) is fresh and floral – just like spring.

_0002_Niree_Rose C'est La Viejpg.jpg

SHAINA - Old Hickory

vermouth, orange bitters, aromatic bitters

 As the days turn warmer (or I wish that they would), I switch over to wine or drinks like the Old Hickory, which is a Vermouth-based cocktail. In the springtime I like the slow transition to sweeter, lighter, citrusy versions of my usual bitter and spicy winter go-to drinks. 


MOLLY - Bloody French

gin, elderflower liqueur, blood orange juice, ginger ale, lime juice

This twist on my favorite cocktail, the French Gimlet, adds even more flavors that are fitting for a late spring afternoon. Whether the sun is shining, or we’re getting April showers, the fruity, floral, and fizzy flavors of this cocktail definitely get me looking forward to consistently warmer days.



SAM - Caipirinha

cachaça, sugar, lime

I was introduced to the Caipirinha on my first trip to Brazil years ago, as it’s their national cocktail. It still brings me back to that beautiful place of warm weather and good vibes. What’s not to love! 


MAURICIO - Mezcal Mango Margarita

mezcal, triple sec, lime juice, mango

Riffing off a traditional Margarita, the mango reminds me of springtime back home in Miami and pulling fresh mangoes from my backyard. Mezcal adds a fun tartness and kick that brings me back to a mezcal tasting trip to Mexico a few springs ago.